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Please register to get alot information about Shinsekai Pirates Very Happy

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Shinsekai Pirates

Please register to get alot information about Shinsekai Pirates Very Happy

Shinsekai Pirates

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    Shinsekai Tournament


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    Shinsekai Tournament Empty Shinsekai Tournament

    Post  Jackal Wed Apr 18, 2012 7:37 pm

    The tournament's idea is simple... There is gonna be a new maze exclusive to tournament and the only way to get in is by gm call, today registration is open, just read the following rules:

    1. To participate you need a partner and your partner has to be a different class than you.

    2. You can't have buffs before entering to maze. The only way you can be buffed is if your partner buffs you.

    3. Only the previously registered players can participate, so once tournament starts none can be registered.

    To register write an email to with your and your partner's characters name, and also a nickname for your team.
    The tournament is gonna have a qualifying round in which every couple is gonna fight with all the other couples once, everytime your team wins you get a point and the 4 best couples are gonna be in the semi final round.
    The semi final round is gonna be, 1st couple againts 4th and 2nd againts 3rd, each final battle is gonna have 3 sub battles, the winner is who wins 2/3 of them.
    All the tournament info is gonna be on page (couples, points, winners, etc) on a table.

    Rewards (For both):

    Lv4 gems of black dragon (one of each)
    Shinsekai tournament crown. (+4 of each stat)
    Left part of Rebirth 2 stone. (or Rebirth 1 stone in case you haven't done it)

    If you got any sugguestions, i will appreciate.
    Go and register your couple!!!!

    Tournament starts on april 28th 2012, get ready!!!

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    Shinsekai Tournament Empty Puro circo

    Post  kamusr1 Thu Apr 19, 2012 6:28 pm

    Evitate el circo y dale eso a esas dos personas hicistes todo para favorecerlos a ellos party de dos (por que no de 3 4 o 5 mas divertido) tipo CA (por que no normal) y diferente clase

    y el evento se te ocurrio ati?

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