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    Installation guide


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    Installation guide

    Post  Jackal on Sun Mar 11, 2012 6:48 pm

    Hi, follow this easy steps to install the game and start playing our server.

    Step 1 Register
    Go to out page and enter your user name and password

    Step 2 Download top client v2.0
    To download it just follow this link:

    Step 3 Install top client
    Open the top setup and follow the instructions, and when is done dont run it!!!

    Step 4 Download out lastest patch
    To find it go to our web and click on download patch

    Step 5 Installing the pacth
    Just copy the .rar file into your the tales of pirates folder and extract it

    Step 6 Start playing
    To start the game just open it double clicking in the file Shinsekai.exe and start playing!

    Hope this guide helped you, and welcome to shinsekai server Smile

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