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    Post  Jackal on Sat Mar 10, 2012 7:40 pm

    x10 solo
    x20 party
    x6 drop
    x100 fairy growth

    Ways to make money:

    Mobs drop money
    Coins and Elven signets can be sell for 2.5k and 5k respectively
    Chest in mazes drop million notes
    LT bosses drop 5 million note each one
    Honor can be exchanged for money

    Ways to get gemmed up:

    FC, DS, DW bosses drop unique gems
    Chest in mazes drop refining gems and also lt bosses
    Lt final boss drop azraes’l light
    Novice chest in CA drops gems for hat
    Standard chest in CA drops gems like bing’s dodging, feng’s defense, Shark's Strengthening
    Expert chest in CA drops unique gems
    Honor and CA points can be exchanged for gems

    Balanced class:
    All equipments from lv55 are balanced
    Magic classes got a spr bonus

    Mazes opening (No level restriction):
    Time zone (UTC-05:00) Bogotá, Lima, Quito

    12am - 4am - 8am - 12pm - 4pm - 8pm
    12am - 8am - 4pm - 12pm
    3am - 11am - 7pm - 3am
    5am - 1pm - 9pm - 5am
    7am - 7pm
    Aurora and Dark Area

    New npcs:
    Manufacturing seller npc (including flash bomb lv3)
    LB quest npc (20m gold)
    PK npc exchanging Honor and CA points for gems, money and equipment
    Luxury npc, sells rings and necks vouchers
    Mall npc, sells some forging and recovery type items
    Tickets npc with special system to prevent duping
    Class advancement npc

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